Guidance from faculty union about possible TA walkout

As you know, UAW 4121, which represents Academic Student Employees (ASEs) at UW, is in the midst of contract negotiations with UW administration. The relationship between ASEs and faculty is multifaceted: since ASEs are UW employees, we are their colleagues, but since ASEs teach, grade, tutor, and research under our supervision, we are also their teachers and mentors. This raises questions about how we, as faculty, can fulfill our multiple responsibilities in a way that respects the rights and expectations of our colleagues, students, and the broader community that is invested in our state’s flagship public university. On behalf of our faculty union, UW Faculty Forward, we are writing to share our sense of how faculty might approach these questions.

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UW Lecturers Meeting and Survey (All Campuses)

The students on all three UW campuses benefit from our work, as does the University as a whole. Let’s continue to explore ways to strengthen our employment conditions for more stability, predictability, and equity. We have more influence when we stick together and stand with TAs, postdocs, and classified staff. We want to hear your ideas for ways the UW Faculty Forward union can support your work.

What:Join part-time and full-time lecturers, senior lecturers, principal lecturers, artists in residence, and senior artists in residence from all three campuses
When: Wednesday, May 16 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Where:UW Bothell Beardslee Crossing suite, Conference Room 102*.

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May 9, 5pm: Rally for UPass and Accountability

Wednesday, May 9
Gerberding Hall main entrance on Red Square
5pm Rally
5:30pm Board of Regents meeting

Fortunately, the UW has announced the inpatient psych unit at UW Medical Center may stay open for another year (after previously being slated for closure). However, austerity policies still threaten employees across the UW campuses.

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Bargaining for the Common Good

This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to unite with our classified staff, SEIU 925 union members, and include some priorities and substantive issues for faculty in bargaining the next SEIU 925 contract with the university.

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We want a UPass.

Back in 2016, we were able to freeze the UPass cost at $50 a month. UW proposed increasing it to $72.50 a month, but 3,000 people signed a petition, and we held a rally out at the light rail station on campus. Our work together made UW freeze the UPass cost for 2 years.

Will you sign the petition for a free UPass?

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April 20 National School Walkout

What: #NationalSchoolWalkout in protest of political inaction on mass gun violence

When: Friday, April 20 at 12pm

Where: Suzzallo Steps on Seattle Campus

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Support and Solidarity to Striking University and College Union Members in UK

On behalf of our faculty union, we offer our solidarity to the UK university worker members of the University and College Union (UCU) who are currently on strike to protect their right to a fair pension and fair pay.

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2018 legislative review

After five long years of gridlock and our efforts to elect pro-worker candidates to the state senate, we had high expectations. And our assessment of this session is – it’s mixed. On one hand, the Legislature passed many bills that will protect our union and make Washington a more fair and equal place where every voice is heard. On the other, members of our union worked hard on several priorities that were not successful in this short session. Here’s an update on many bills SEIU 925 members worked on this year, including our regents bill:  

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September Newsletter

Check out the UW Faculty Forward September Newsletter by clicking here!

Organizing Love as a Political Practice

UW Faculty Forward Steering Committee member, Jim Liner, authored this inspiring and relevant piece, "Organizing Love As A Political Practice: Strategies For Labor and Antifacism."

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