UW professors consider forming faculty labor union

"At the UW, rates of non-tenured faculty have almost doubled from 578 total lecturers in 1998, to 1,030 adjunct faculty this year. During the same time period, tenure track professors have witnessed their ranks decline from comprising exactly 50 percent of the UW’s total faculty in 1998, to only 41 percent this year, according to charts from the Administration and Faculty Senate website.

In response to the UW’s reliance on lower paid, non-tenured faculty, 327 professors across all three UW campuses signed a letter in support of forming a faculty union last fall quarter. In summer 2015, professors in favor of starting a union on campus organized themselves into a group called “UW Faculty Forward,” which is affiliated with one of the largest labor unions in the United States, the Services Employees International Union (SEIU). 

“We’ve formed a union, in part, because we think the time is right to come together as a faculty to work to advocate for public higher education in the state of Washington,” said Gina Neff, a tenured professor in communications and leader within SEIU and Faculty Forward."

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All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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