Op-Ed: UW Over-relies on Corporate Leaders as Regents

UW faculty from all three campuses share why the next UW Regents should be champions for public education.

By Joanne Clarke Dillman, Diane M. Morrison and Bruce Kochis

"...Eight of the 10 current regents are leaders of finance and industry, bringing a perspective that emphasizes profit-making, cost containment and growth. In choosing new regents, we support a more diverse selection.

The business perspective positions the UW to be “self-sustaining,” with little state support, leading to an increased emphasis on technical fields that attract grants and donors, and which can generate profit by producing intellectual property for the university.

Tellingly, the companies and executives UW regents represent donated more than 10 percent of the money raised to defeat Initiative 1098, an income tax ballot measure in 2010 that would have raised significant new revenue for public higher education through an income tax on our state’s wealthiest individuals and corporations. This is a glaring conflict of interest, as the regents represented the interests of their own economic class rather than those of the UW...."

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All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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