Organizing Love as a Political Practice

UW Faculty Forward Steering Committee member, Jim Liner, authored this inspiring and relevant piece, "Organizing Love As A Political Practice: Strategies For Labor and Antifacism."

Here are some excerpts:

"But what does that mean, 'love trumps hate'? How can love unify an antifascist left when the left has no monopoly on love? After all, fascists still love their mothers, or at least I presume they do. How can love motivate not only an effective resistance to fascism, but also a positive vision of what we want in its place? For we surely mean something other than the proposition that we should all simply be nice to each other. How, then, should we understand love in today’s political and social context, beyond mere bumper-sticker activism?"

"Love-as-feeling operates on the level of the individual subject, but love-as-practice requires that we organize, coordinate, and collaborate."


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