Support and Solidarity to Striking University and College Union Members in UK

On behalf of our faculty union, we offer our solidarity to the UK university worker members of the University and College Union (UCU) who are currently on strike to protect their right to a fair pension and fair pay.

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September Newsletter

Check out the UW Faculty Forward September Newsletter by clicking here!

Organizing Love as a Political Practice

UW Faculty Forward Steering Committee member, Jim Liner, authored this inspiring and relevant piece, "Organizing Love As A Political Practice: Strategies For Labor and Antifacism."

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Protecting Faculty Rights

Faculty and Students United


On Inauguration Day, UW Faculty Forward joined students and staff for rallies and teach-ins at UW Tacoma and UW Seattle. 

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Our chapter is launched!


On Saturday, Nov. 19, UW Faculty Forward held our founding Membership Convention at UW-Tacoma. 

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A joint statement on the U.S. Presidential Election

The University of Washington chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and UW Faculty Forward (SEIU affiliate union) issued a joint statement this week on the U.S. Presidential Election. 

Please read it here to learn more about our shared principles, and our action statements in response.

Why are non-tenured faculty forming unions?

University of Washington lecturer Larry Cushnie explains what it's like to be an adjunct professor, and how the corporatization of higher ed is affecting the quality of education.

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Justice, Community, and UW Unionization

In 2013, I came to the University of Washington as an assistant professor in the philosophy department. During my time as a graduate student at NYU I witnessed an undercurrent of tension between the administration and the broader community because of institutional growth.  

At NYU, corporatization of higher education was at play. At the time, the school thought of development primarily in terms of opening new campuses and spreading the NYU brand instead of, say, making the school more affordable for undergraduates.

I see a similar tension at the University of Washington and a growing lack of affordability. 

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Making progress as a community

Professor Diane MorrisonI came to the University of Washington in 1976 as a graduate student, and began doing research here after I earned my degree. Over the past forty years I’ve seen UW slowly – and in recently years, very quickly – become more corporate in its outlook.

This corporate mindset, and the cultural changes it brings with it for faculty and students, is one of the main reasons I joined the voluntary faculty union.

An example is the shift that’s happened in how UW recognizes and rewards academic progress.

Today, UW’s outlook is ‘you need to be a superstar and be constantly producing the next breakthrough in your field.’

This concept of academia is oriented towards what’s marketable, and it subverts the approach of scientific progress: the gains that are made from toiling in the trenches using the scientific method, and learning sometimes as much from failures as successes.

I see my PhD students absorbing this message from the UW environment; that they need to perform within a narrowly defined range in order to succeed in their field, and it worries me.

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