May 9, 5pm: Rally for UPass and Accountability

Wednesday, May 9
Gerberding Hall main entrance on Red Square
5pm Rally
5:30pm Board of Regents meeting

Fortunately, the UW has announced the inpatient psych unit at UW Medical Center may stay open for another year (after previously being slated for closure). However, austerity policies still threaten employees across the UW campuses.

Accountability and Transparency at the School of Dentistry

At the School of Dentistry, UW administration's fiscal mismanagement continues to astound us. After years of mismanagement generated millions in debt, the UW is threatening our SEIU 925 dental school colleagues with layoffs, increased workloads, and the closure of the school and  clinics.

Affordable Transportation

Our Union has also long supported a free UPASS for all UW employees as an employee benefit and a commitment to warding off climate change. Many of you signed the petition for a free UPASS! Well, now it's time to deliver more than 4,000 signatures to decision-makers.

As a responsible community partner, the UW needs to put faculty, students, staff, and the public mission of the university first. Too much energy is spent catering to private donors, and not enough time explaining to legislators in Olympia how important stable funding is to our university.

We invite you to join our 925 colleagues from the School of Dentistry as well as community advocates and other unions at UW for a rally before we bring all of our concerns to the Board of Regents.

All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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