Faculty Regent Bill HB 1437

Here is a list of phone numbers for Senators in Legislative Districts surrounding WSU campuses.

3rd LD – Sen. Andy Billig – 360-786-7604 (Legislative Aide: Noelle Connolly)

4th LD – Sen. Mike Padden – 360-786-7606 (Legislative Aide: Matt McCoy)

6th LD – Sen. Michael Baumgartner – 360-786-7610 (Legislative Aide: Janet Voye)

9th LD – Sen. Mark Schoesler – 360-786-7620 (Legislative Aide: Krista Winters and/or Jesse Taylor)

17th LD – Sen. Lynda Wilson – 360-786–7632 (Legislative Aide: Amber Hardtke)

18th LD – Sen. Ann Rivers - 360-786–7634 (Legislative Aide: Ronna Myles-Era)

49th LD – Sen. Annette Cleveland  - 360-786–7696 (Legislative Aide: Vicky Winters)

If you don’t know your Senator or district number, please visit: http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/

Dear WSU Colleagues,

We’re writing to ask your help on the final push to pass HB 1437, our bill to create voting faculty regent positions on the UW and WSU Boards of Regents!

HB 1437 has passed the Washington House with an overwhelming bipartisan majority and made it through the Senate Higher Education and Rules Committees! It now goes to the full Senate for a vote. However, it is not guaranteed to win in the Senate unless we all take action, and there is a risk it will get amended to water down faculty voting rights.

We need WSU colleagues to help move the original HB 1437 bill through the Senate. In duty free time, and without using state resources, please call your Senator’s office ASAP!

These calls should take less than 10 minutes to make, and you will speak with a legislative aide or leave a message.

How to tell your story to your Senator:

  • What’s your position at WSU? How long have you been there? How are you active on the campus?
  • Why do you support faculty representation on our Boards of Regents? (For example: It would ensure faculty are at the table to inform the key governance decisions of the university.)
  • Have you experienced or observed specific instances where a faculty regent would provide needed oversight?

Note! If your Senator is Republican, they may be particularly open to faculty knowledge of where spending savings can be realized.

  • End with what you want your legislators to do, and end with a thank you: Senator XYZ should vote yes on a clean version of HB 1437. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for taking the time to amplify faculty voice in governance of Washington’s two premier universities!

In Solidarity,

Amy Hagopian (Associate Professor, Health Services and Global Health, UW Seattle)
Jim Liner (Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma)

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