The University of Washington needs leaders who are committed to sustainable public funding for public higher education.

Unfortunately, our current Board of Regents at the University of Washington thinks the best way to pay for public education is through private strategies. They are prioritizing non-public revenue and cost-cutting over advocating for increased public funds and state tax reform, to the detriment of UW’s public education mission.

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Seven out of ten UW Regents come from a business or industry background, and our over reliance on corporate leadership has left the UW in urgent need of stronger champions for public education as a public good.

While corporate Regents bring resources and relationships that can be valuable, we can soar by balancing UW’s board with more Regents from education and service sectors who will champion the need for continued public investment in higher education. Ultimately, increasing public funding for higher education depends on the commitment of our advocates, and we need the right advocates in the right seats.

The UW’s voluntary faculty union is asking Governor Inslee to re-think the makeup of the UW Board of Regents during the fall appointment season.

We need all UW Regents to put public service before private interests.  Please make your voice heard in this effort to balance the board, by signing our online petition to the Governor here >

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