Conversation with Governor Inslee about Regent Appointments - UW Faculty Forward

On Monday, November 16, Governor Inslee met with representatives of UW faculty, staff and students about his upcoming appointments to the UW Board of Regents. The gathering included representatives from UW Faculty Forward, Faculty Senate, ASUW, GPSS, student organizations and campus unions.                


In the meeting, Governor Inslee engaged in a lively discussion on underfunding and rising corporatization of higher education, increased reliance on part-time, temporary and WOT faculty, and the urgent need for an education-minded, uncompromised UW Board of Regents.

The meeting with Governor Inslee was the product of a more united faculty voice, in partnership with a politically powerful union. Faculty unionization with SEIU will immediately give UW faculty a major voice in state politics and higher education legislation.


August 16, 2016 at 12pm - 2pm
All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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