Bargaining for the Common Good

This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to unite with our classified staff, SEIU 925 union members, and include some priorities and substantive issues for faculty in bargaining the next SEIU 925 contract with the university.

Click here to fill out our short bargaining survey, and let us know what you want to achieve - and also how you are willing to work to make this happen! The questions are derived from previous survey results, and from meetings and conversations with faculty across all three campuses.

Bargaining for the common good is a tested mechanism for workers with collective bargaining rights to include the interests of their broader community in direct bargaining demands. Through our collective power, we can start to win improvements in our working conditions for ourselves and for our students.

Thank you for your responses, and please be sure to indicate what steps you are willing to take in order to win, and especially if you are willing to serve on the UW Faculty Forward Bargaining Caucus.

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