2018 Bargaining Update 4

On Thursday, August 16, we will be back at the bargaining table focusing on transportation issues, in particular our proposal for a fully subsidized UPass for all UW employees. Joining us will be the other UW unions -- Washington Federation of State Employees (the other classified staff union), UAW 4121 (academic student employees & postdocs), SEIU 1199NW (nurses), Washington State Nurses Association, and the American Federation of Teachers (English Language Faculty).

As Monday's Crosscut article points out, the UW needs to meet the needs of the campus and area communities in the face of its massive campus growth plan. A fully subsidized UPass is crucial to mitigating the environmental impacts and transit needs.

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2018 Bargaining Update 3

Bargaining continued last week and resumes this Friday.
We await a response to our proposal for a serious investment in hiring, retaining, and promoting under-represented minority faculty and staff. Management continues to push back on our proposal to prioritize speedy investigations (within ten days) if members report bullying that includes discrimination or sexual harassment. The current process often takes five to six months.

We'll continue to push forward and move towards a UW system without discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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2018 Bargaining Update 2

Classified staff met with UW administration for contract negotiations on 7/11 and 7/16. On both days, UW Faculty Forward members were at the table to discuss issues of common concern, and our classified brothers and sisters made proposals that address concerns of faculty as well as those of classified staff.

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2018 Bargaining Update 1

Our classified staff coworkers have begun contract negotiations, and for the first time, UW faculty have a seat at the table. Called “bargaining for the common good,” we are uniting with classified staff, who have collective bargaining rights, to include the interests of faculty as part of the broader community in direct bargaining demands.

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Bargaining for the Common Good

This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to unite with our classified staff, SEIU 925 union members, and include some priorities and substantive issues for faculty in bargaining the next SEIU 925 contract with the university.

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All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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