April 20 National School Walkout

What: #NationalSchoolWalkout in protest of political inaction on mass gun violence

When: Friday, April 20 at 12pm

Where: Suzzallo Steps on Seattle Campus

The safety and security of our employment and learning spaces are of central concern to staff and faculty unions at the University of Washington. UW is no stranger to the plague of gun violence as staff, faculty and others on campus have fallen victim to several shootings between June 2000 and as recently as January 2017. It is high time for change!

The undersigned UW unions and organizations therefore stand in solidarity with the national, student-led movement against gun violence in the wake of the Parkland, FL massacre. Specifically, we are issuing a joint Call to Action for April 20, the day of #NationalSchoolWalkout, in protest of political inaction on mass gun violence afflicting our educational institutions and communities.

On April 20, 2018, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine, CO shooting, UW Unions and organizations will:

  • Support our students and instructors who participate in the walkout
  • Insist that those joining the walkout will face no adverse action
  • Join in organizing peaceful protest rallies on our three campuses
  • Encourage UW staff and faculty who are able to leave their work places to attend
  • Ask UW members to wear orange in endorsement of #nationalschoolwalkout
  • Hold a period of silence in memory of those slain in Parkland, FL
  • Encourage broader coalition-building around the April 20 Walkout Day with our fellow schools and colleges, educational associations and unions in the area

It is time to call out political foot-dragging and to stand in solidarity with our students and young people around the country demanding meaningful gun legislation now!

In solidarity,

UW Faculty Forward / SEIU local 925

UW Academic Student Employees / UAW local 4121

UW English Language Faculty / AFT local 6486

UW Classified Staff / SEIU local 925

Washington Federation of State Employees/WFSE local 1488

UW Healthcare Workers/SEIU 1199NW

Washington State Nurses Association/WSNA

American Association of University Professors/AAUP-UW

All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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