2018 Bargaining Update 3

Bargaining continued last week and resumes this Friday.
We await a response to our proposal for a serious investment in hiring, retaining, and promoting under-represented minority faculty and staff. Management continues to push back on our proposal to prioritize speedy investigations (within ten days) if members report bullying that includes discrimination or sexual harassment. The current process often takes five to six months.

We'll continue to push forward and move towards a UW system without discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

The Campus Master Plan -- Record Growth and Manufactured Austerity.
Last week, the U District Alliance for Equity and Livability, of which UW Faculty Forward is a member, and the City University Community Advisory Committee asked City Council members to insist on a timetable and written commitments from the UW to fix the housing, child care, and transit problems the expansion will cause in exchange for City permission for the expansion.

The proposed expansion of the University of Washington will bring an additional six million square feet of space, a 30 percent increase in buildings, and a 20 percent increase in students, staff and faculty. The UW’s proposal for record growth smacks against the imposed austerity that harms our core education mission and values that drive our excellence.

The Campus Master Plan also leaves U District renters like Justin Gifford out in the cold. Justin lives in Bridges on 11th, the UW's only workforce housing; the UW recently sold the property to a Texas-based developer, which intends to convert the workforce housing into smaller rooms for student rentals. Of new housing units proposed in the University District, only 150 are intended to be affordably priced for UW workers, despite thousands of University workers making wages low enough to quality for a workforce housing subsidy.

U District small business owner Doug Campbell said the UW’s plan to rent space to tech companies “will turn the U District into an office park,” driving out the U District’s long-time community.

UW student, Lona Medhane says, “UW’s fast growth 10 year plan is set to further gentrify the U District, pushing us further and further away from the place where we learn and work.”

A record 30 organizations and individuals appealed the City Hearing Examiner’s recommendations, which would allow the expansion to go forward without significant measures to address U District congestion and housing affordability.

The Alliance presented almost 5,000 signatures on a petition calling on the UW to provide transit passes to all employees to reduce congestion and further environmental damage. Major environmental organizations calling for stronger measures at the UW include the Sierra Club, Cascade Bicycle Club, Transportation Choices, and Feet First.

Here’s some news coverage of the hearing:

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