2018 Bargaining Update 2

Classified staff met with UW administration for contract negotiations on 7/11 and 7/16. On both days, UW Faculty Forward members were at the table to discuss issues of common concern, and our classified brothers and sisters made proposals that address concerns of faculty as well as those of classified staff.

Classified staff who are from under-represented minorities face the same challenges as faculty: not being hired, hired only into a temporary position, or being passed over for promotion. To address this fundamental inequity, the 925 team proposed these hiring strategies:

  • Prioritize cluster hires from under-represented minorities (URM)
  • Within the clusters, prioritize permanent and senior-level positions (tenure track for faculty)
  • Commit $200 million of the “Be Boundless” campaign proceeds to recruiting, retaining, and promoting URM staff and faculty
  • Require units engaging in cluster hiring to enroll current personnel in ongoing diversity and justice training

On another problem common to staff and faculty, the 925 team proposed language to be added to the non-discrimination article of the classified contract. This proposal would create a “University Wide Committee to End Discrimination” and would be composed of representatives from each Union on campus, as well as faculty, professional staff, UW management, and students. Highlights are:

  • Creates a process for complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • Requires investigation of the complaint by both Union and management
  • Extends the timeline for reporting an act of discrimination or harassment
  • Requires that a victim of such acts is protected during the investigation process

The Committee would be responsible for tracking and validating complaints, thereby increasing transparency and making it easier to identify and correct troubled departments or repeat offenders.

The above proposals are intended to make the UW a more just and equitable employer, and in so doing, fulfill its mission of excellence and better serve our students. The classified team and our faculty representatives have a long summer of bargaining ahead, and need support from all of us.

If you haven’t joined UW Faculty Forward yet, please do so at this link: https://www.uwfacultyforward.org/become_a_member

All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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