2018 Bargaining Update 1

Our classified staff coworkers have begun contract negotiations, and for the first time, UW faculty have a seat at the table. Called “bargaining for the common good,” we are uniting with classified staff, who have collective bargaining rights, to include the interests of faculty as part of the broader community in direct bargaining demands.

Faculty have many issues in common with our UW coworkers. Our shared issues include:

  • Race and gender inequity in promotions and hiring;
  • Excessive use and abuse of temporary and part time positions
  • Highest transit costs for any major employer in the Seattle area
  • Massive pay gap between the UW and peer institutions.

Throughout the summer, classified staff will be engaging in many actions to support bargaining. We are all part of the UW community, and by engaging in this effort, we can put pressure on administration to live up to our mission of excellence by becoming a better employer, a better community partner, and a better steward of our environment.

We can’t be sure what we can accomplish at the bargaining table until bargaining is done. What we do know is that to win some of our goals we’re going to need the power to disrupt UW’s goals, and an ambitious legislative agenda. Both take work. We’ll keep the updates coming, but they’ll include calls to actions necessary to meet our goals.

Getting a seat at the table is an unprecedented win for us. Let’s keep the ball rolling! If you would like to get involved with UW Faculty Forward’s advocacy for faculty interests, please feel free to contact David Goldstein (UW Bothell) at david813g@msn.com; Aaron Katz (UW Seattle) at abkchezgarlic@gmail.com; or Carrie Matthews (UW Seattle) at crmatthews2015@gmail.com.

We are all stronger when we stand together in solidarity!

All UW photographs by Curtis Cronn and subject to CC-licenses as indicated on Flickr

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